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  • Downtown Danville App: Customers can now explore downtown parking options the way they experience everything else — via mobile! Download this mobile option to help navigate your way around town!

    Click the icon on the right to download the mobile App. Parking is found under Locate Me.

    Evening & Weekend: The first parking guests should consider when coming to downtown Danville is the convenient and covered parking garage easily accessible from Walnut St, or S. 3rd St. The garage is available for free after 5:30 PM M-F, and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

    Shop & Dine: Short-term shoppers, diners or anyone needing to make a quick pick up from downtown businesses are encouraged to use the conveniently located parallel parking spaces along Main Street and the side roads. NOTE: These spots are limited to 2 hours.

    Friendly Reminder to Merchants & Employees: Please park as far away from your business as you are physically able, particularly from 11 AM – 5 PM each day. Each space your vehicle does not occupy becomes available for use by locals and tourists who are in town to spend money! The more who do this and the more often, the better the effect for all! Thanks for not being a Shopper Stopper and parking where it makes the most "CENTS"!

    Ideas to Save Time & Money:

    Walk – Danville’s sidewalks, pedestrian amenities and abundance of trees make walking from adjacent residential neighborhoods to campus, downtown or many other popular destinations an enjoyable way to start and end a day!

    Carpool – Carpooling is a great way to save wear and tear on your car! Link up with a few friends from your neighborhood with similar schedules and share the cost of gas and other commuting expenses.

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