• Preservation Tax Credit Programs

    The Kentucky Heritage Council administers the Kentucky Historic Preservation Tax Credit program in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Revenue, and the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program in partnership with the National Park Service. Both of these credits are intended as incentives for private investment in historic buildings throughout the Commonwealth. Visit heritage.ky.gov/incentives/ for more information.

  • Local Preservation Grant Programs

    Facade Grant

    50% or up to $2000


    Available for exterior restorations/repairs

    Grant amount determined by available funds and number of requests under consideration

    Available for commercial property owners and business owners within the locally designated HOD area 

    Government buildings and national franchises not eligible

    Improvements are to remain in place and maintained

    All property taxes and licenses are current

    Applicant responsible for the project and result in restorations appropriate for the building, contributing to the success of the current business and repair the building’s façade to positively contribute to the appearance and vitality of Downtown

    Projects must:

    Preserve architectural integrity of the structure and if possible restore the original façade

    Match preservation guidelines outlined by the US Secretary of the Interior Standards

    Meet all local governmental rules, regulations and laws, including the Danville Historic Preservation Ordinance and Design Guidelines

    Use the gentlest methods available for exterior surface cleaning

    Consider unique qualities of the individual building

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