• Grab your basket and blanket, July is Picnic Month!

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    How to Celebrate National Picnic Month in Downtown Danville

     Everyone knows that Independence Day is celebrated in July,<span style="> but a lot of us don't know that July is also National Picnic Month.
    Who doesn’t like sunshine, delicious foods, and nature walks to beautiful locales? Picnics are a great way to see the city you live in, and we’ve got your guide to creating legendary summer picnics that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Follow along to make sure all the points are in order.

    Find the location

    The most important piece: Where to go? Here are some potential ideas:
    • Card and board games.
    • Hot potato or duck, duck, goose for the younger crowd.

    Prepare the spread

    Figuring out the menu is the other half of the work, but this is where you really get to shine. Online resources for picnic food ideas abound with delicious and delectable on-the-go recipes to make your summer picnic a hit. Some pro meal prep tips:
    • Stick with foods that can take the heat. You should definitely bring a cooler, but you’ll want plenty of room for drinks. Foods that don’t need refrigeration mean no risk of spoilage while you take your time in the sun.
    • Don’t forget ice-cold drinks, napkins, plates, and utensils! 
    If cooking is not your forte you can never go wrong with ordering an on the go meal from one of the great downtown eateries like Plank on Main, and you can’t pass on dessert, visit Bluegrass & Buttercream for a smorgasbord of sweets.


    Don’t forget the supplies

    Many of the retailers in downtown Danville have everything you need to make your picnic special including baskets, coolers, and picnics in a backpack. And who knows, they may even have their own favorite picnic locations.


    Ready, set, picnic!

    Now that you have everything planned out, it’s time to get out there and picnic. Go enjoy the month. Picnic ahoy!

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