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  • Starting a Small Business Seminar Recap

  • On Tuesday, May 10, citizens from the community gathered at the Boyle County Public Library for a seminar on Starting Your Own Small Business. There were 15 people in attendance, plus representation from the Economic Development Partnership and the Library.

    The information-packed session led by Stuart Arnold of Strategic Planning Specialists and Rex McDonald, with Praxis Innovations, lasted 90 minutes and discussed key, and often overlooked, topics for starting a successful small business, including: mechanics of a start-up; necessity of market research; the importance of marketing; and the realities of the E-myth.

    "People consider starting their own business for a variety of reasons. No matter the reason or objective," Arnold 

    said, "there are many factors to consider before your 'Open for Business' sign, and many of the most important ones are likely missing from your list." Arnold and McDonald have helped numerous businesses learn how to operate and start and provided the attendees with valuable knowledge.

     “Your business is in your hands, do not put the outcome of your business or marketing, in someone else’s hands,” was one of the pieces of knowledge that Arnold passed along, while talking about marketing.

    In closing the presentation, Arnold’s presentation partner Rex McDonald told the group that “KY is a great place to start a business, so make it here.”

    The program was co-sponsored by the Heart of Danville, Boyle County Public Library, and Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce.