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  • New Business & Expansion

    The Economic Restructuring committee seeks to recruit businesses to promote a better commercial mix in downtown Danville, while also making sure the current market can support a business that is looking to locate or expand in our downtown.  

    A targeted consumer market survey and analysis in the Spring of 2013 indicated that there is a need for the following types of businesses in downtown Danville:

    • Additional Restaurants (> 60%)
    • Additional Men's and Women's Clothing Shops (58%)
    • Shoe Store (45%)
    • A Grocery Store, respondents prefered a specialized or cooperative grocery model (43%)

    Several restaurant concepts were identified that would complement current downtown offerings:

    • A casutal, fast, affordable eatery
    • Ethnic restaurant - Mexican ranks first with Indian and Thai also making the list
    • Pub - respondents' requests ranged from a British or Irish themed pub to a sports bar 

    We seek to enhance the VARIETY of what downtown Danville currently offers our residents and visitors.  Refer to our Downtown Directory to see what businesses we currently support and where there is room for growth in our award-winning downtown community.