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  • Board

    Our board consists of local leaders and involved residents that represent a variety of community interests from education to banking to architectural preservation.  There 2015 HOD Boardare four active Heart of Danville committees that carry out the four points of the Main Street community revitalization approach – preservation and design, economic restructuring, promotion, and organization. The board steers the mission, programming, and budgetary operations of our Main Street program.

    Valery McMann, President — FNB Investments             
    Logan Germann, Vice-President — The Logan Company

    Ann Yager McCrosky, Secretary — Stith Funeral Home 

    Kara Bastin, Treasurer — US Bank

    Tom Poland, Past President - Farmer's National Bank (retired)

    Committee Chairs
    Sara Lamb, Preservation/Design (co-chair) - Danville City Schools
    Beth Morgan, Preservation/Design (co-chair) - Centre College 

    Chris White, Economic Restructuring - Plank on Main
    Megan Noltemeyer, Promotions - Centre College
    Tom Poland, Organization - Farmer's National Bank (retired)

    Clayton Denny - Ephraim McDowell Health

    Brianna Feistrizer - Wilson's Nursery 

    Michael Hughes- DBC African-American Historical Society
    Julie Nelson- Maple Tree Gallery
    Ben Richardson - Elmwood Inn

    Kate Snyder - Community Arts Center 

    Mary Robin Spoonamore- Jane Barleycorn's Market and Bar

    Amy Wise - Centre College


    Preservation and Design Committee

    Sara Lamb, Co-Chair — Danville City Schools                                      
    Beth Morgan, Co-Chair -- Centre College 

    Julie Rodes  Danville City Schools                                                                           
    Kathy Milby Boyle Landmark Trust                                                                                                                                 
    Michael Hughes — African-American Historical Society      
    Mary Robin Spoonamore — Jane Barleycorn’s
    Clayton DennyEphraim McDowell Health

    *Mary Girard -- Danville-Boyle County Public Library  

    *Helping with special projects           


    Economic Restructuring Committee

    Chris White, Chair  Plank on Main                                 
    Steve Hoffman — Norton Center for the Arts                                                            
    Carol Senn — Carol’s Bridal & Gift                         
    John Kalk — Retired banker   
    Mary Conley  Boyle County Fiscal Court

    Allan Crain — Art of Danville


    Promotion Committee

    Megan Noltemeyer, Chair — Centre College                                       
    Martha Caywood — Derby Shoppe/Raggs                                        
    Julie Nelson — Maple Tree Gallery                                              
    Donna Peake City of Danville                                      
    Maggie Shapiro Hasket — Community Arts Center                                        
    Josh Stinnet — J&J Auto/Caldwell Banker


    Organization Committee

    Tom Poland, Chair -- Farmer's National Bank (retired) 

    Brianna Feistritzer — Wilson's Nursery                                                                           
    Ann Yager McCrosky — Stith Funeral Home                                              
    Mary Beth Touchstone  Community Arts Center
    Amy Wise — Centre College