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  • Decide On Danville


    Residents and Friends of Danville and Boyle County,

    Based on input over the last year from our membership and downtown business community, the Heart of Danville has identified the recruitment of more restaurants and stores to downtown Danville as a key responsibility.  More specifically, our community would like to see new businesses that would add variety to our current offerings and enhance the downtown Danville experience.  With our new “Decide on Danville” campaign, you have a unique opportunity to help the Heart of Danville and our downtown see that this happens.

    As a resident, you know the needs of our downtown as well as anyone, and you are invested in seeing that is a great place to do business, shop, and socialize.  While we always encourage you to shop downtown and support the local economy and independent business owners, we know sometimes your needs take you outside of Danville to shop, dine, or be entertained.  In your travels outside of Boyle County, you may visit a business that would be a nice complement to our downtown, and now you can help us with the recruitment of that business to our community.

    When you come across stores or restaurants that you would like to see in Danville, please leave one of these “Decide on Danville” cards as a way of encouraging the owner to consider expanding to Danville. It is especially helpful if you can talk to the manager or owner yourself and hand them the card.  In so doing, you may be creating a first impression of Danville and Boyle County with that business owner or manager, so please keep in mind the need to sell our community as best you can.

    We hope this grassroots approach to business recruitment will encourage you to take more ownership in the growth and evolution of our downtown, while also making it clear there are many assets we already have to value and enjoy.  While increased jobs and a stronger standing as a regional economic and social hub will be clear benefits of additional complementary businesses in Danville, the ultimate aim is to create a commercial district our residents spend more time in and to generate greater stewardship of and pride in our historic downtown.

    Thank you for your support of and involvement in the Heart of Danville and our community.

    The business cards can be downloaded below, or can be picked up at the Heart of Danville office located in the Goldsmith House at Constitution Square Historic Site, 105 E. Walnut Street, Danville.

    Bethany Rogers, PhD

    Executive Director

    Heart of Danville

    Decide on Danville Card

    Decide on Danville Letter